Germaine Hunter

Germaine Hunter

Chief Diversity Officer
GE Aerospace

Bridget Hurd

Bridget G. Hurd, MBA

Vice President, Inclusion and Diversity,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


            It has been and honor and a privilege to serve as chairpersons for the 2023 issue of the Diversity Business Review (DBR), which continues to serve as a vital resource for DEI practitioners.  Although the business community at large has moved to reestablish a sense of normalcy after the disruptions of the past several years, there is still significant work to be done to build and support the equitable business practices that so many of us aspire to see.  This year’s submissions to the DBR reflect both the challenges and the possibilities inherent in doing this important work.  While there are many people to thank for the creation of this piece of work, there is no one who has been more influential in the process than Pam McElvane, who’s original vision for the DBR continues to serve as the driving inspiration for the publication.  We would also like to extend heartfelt thanks to this year’s slate of contributors and content creators.  They have come to this effort from a diversity of backgrounds, representing a multitude of industries and perspectives.  Their unique voices are a welcomed addition to the ever-expanding discourse on the future of DEI work.

            This year’s articles touch on numerous themes across the DEI landscape.  One that spans a number of articles is the need to accelerate culture change in organizations around the world.  As several authors note, not only does the promotion of inclusive culture produce more dynamic and engaged workforces, but organizations are also seeing that their employees are more innovative and able to contribute to bottom-line growth to a greater degree.  This year’s authors also touched on a number of tactical steps that organizations can take to improve outcomes, including increased investments in mentorship, reimagined approaches to organizational learning and development, and renewed commitments to building psychologically safe spaces for community members to engage in courageous conversations.

            We want to acknowledge and thank the dedicated (and highly talented) group of v review board members who volunteered their time to thoroughly and thoughtfully review all submissions.  Finally, we’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Sasha Parrish, our Staff Editor, whose efforts have ensured that all communication throughout the process have flowed with excellence.