Patricia Arredondo

Dr. Patricia Arredondo

As an academic entrepreneur, I enjoy taking theory to practice. For me culture counts, and attending to diversity, equity, and inclusion in work settings and other types of organizations has been my passion for many years. I have  served as a senior administrator in universities and was president of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus. 

My own  scholarship addresses cultural competency applications in organizations, immigrant and Latinx identity development, women’s leadership, and of course, strategic diversity initiatives. I have authored 7 books and more than 100 scholarly publications and training videos. My recently completed book is  on how STEM women in the  academy navigate the chilly climate and prosper. 

As a woman of Mexican American heritage, I have immersed myself in multicultural, multiracial professional associations, always striving to contribute and lead. I look forward to the DBR journey and the contributions from committed DEI professionals. Our reviewers include Linda Liang, PhD, Belinda Hartnett, PhD, Norman Anderson, PhD, Todd Jenkins, PhD, and Gregory Pennington, PhD.

I look forward to advancing the DBR and the writings from gifted contributors.

Rodney Lowman

Rodney Lowman

I am excited to join Patricia, Pam, and the editorial board on this exciting new venture. And who could imagine a better time than now to help business organizations embrace and enhance diversity.

As a professor, an academic leader, and a consultant, I have always sought out start-up and turn-around opportunities. But whatever work roles I’ve had, I have always also written and edited. 

As founding editor of The Psychologist-Manager Journal and editor of the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, and in my books and articles, I have aimed to bridge knowledge and practice. My particular specializations include business and professional ethics, internationalizing multiculturalism,  organizational consulting/change, and career assessment. 

A first generation American and Latino American on my mother’s side, and raised in  a peripatetic military family, I have learned a lot about different cultures and ways of life. Culture matters both in families and in businesses.