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Frequently Asked Questions

A: While Diversity Business Review (DBR)  is powered by Diversity MBA Media this is an entirely separate publication. The Diversity Business Review is not a magazine but a a practitioner-focused thought leadership journal. Each article is peer reviewed by our Review Board.

A:  All articles, opt-eds, and studies submitted to the Diversity Business Review are first thoroughly reviewed by our Review board. Our board consists of a blend of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion practitioners and academics. Peer review is designed to assess the validity, quality and often the originality of articles for our publication, as well as ensuring that our journal contains a blend of thoughtful and unique perspectives.

A: If you would like to submit an article please fill out our Call for Papers submission form. Note that the form requires you to submit an abstract of your paper. Once the Board has reviewed your abstract you will receive an email from our team inviting you to submit a full article and the article writing guidelines.

Call for Papers Submission Form

A: The purpose of the abstract is to inform interested readers of the article’s content. A good abstract should be no more than 200 words, and answers the following questions:

  1. What is the question this article is seeking to answer? The abstract doesn’t have to include a literal question, but all articles should be aiming to find an answer or solution to a problem. The abstract is where you can identify the problem you wish to address.
  2. What is the answer you are putting forth? What is the solution you are proposing for this problem? If many people have sought to find a solution for this problem, explain why yours is different from theirs.
  3. How will you be answering this question? Highlight what readers can expect from this article.
  4. What resources did you use to find this answer? Briefly explain the steps you took to reach this solution. Did you collect data? Perform interviews? If you are using data collected from an organization or that you conducted yourself, mention this as it adds credibility to your article.

Below is an example of a good abstract:


Stigma associated with mental health has been a global issue, as mental illness and behavioral health challenges affect people from all corners of the world. Particularly in American culture, inequities and disparities that disproportionately affect the African American community causes mental health stigma to worsen already adverse conditions. At the root of these disparities is transgenerational trauma and to solve for such deeply rooted issues, this paper illustrates the uniquely important role those African American men play in healing of themselves, thereby their respective communities. The power of communication and storytelling through dynamic conversation from trusted advisors and cultural brokers is modeled in this paper. The 51st annual legislative conference hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation was the setting, and this inaugural panel, which focused on Black men and mental wellness, resulted in identifying sustainable solutions that are essential to meaningfully addressing stigma and mental health. The solutions explored in this paper include public policy, partnerships, media, healthcare access as well as culturally appropriate care providers, and the important role these respectively play in addressing stigma and mental health in the African American community.

Excerpt from “Strength in Vulnerability: Black Men and the Importance of Mental & Behavioral Wellness” by Jahmal Miller, Chief Administrative Officer, Mercy Medical Group (CommonSpirit Heath) & Board Member, The California Endowment