Pamela A McElvane, MBA

Pamela A. McElvane, MBA, MA, MPCC

CEO & Publisher, Diversity MBA

2022 Issue DBR
Publisher’s Voice
Diversity Business Review

We have come a long way and still have a robust journey ahead of us. This publication was designed to contribute to the scholarly community on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in business and other organizations. In 2022, we continued our path toward establishing direction and key strategies for development and made great strides.

To begin, we expanded our review board to include more of a balance of reviewers that represented both academics and practitioners in diversity. We recognize that it is imperative that we feature a good mix of experiences, perspectives, and disciplines in our publication. The good news is that we are constantly seeking innovative ideas and ways to become better and more inclusive.

Last year we conducted focus groups to determine the type of website and content we need to share with easy access to the public. I am excited to share we have completed the second phase of our design and will be publishing the new site this fall. It will be interactive with content, podcasts, articles, research and more!

What I have learned in this process is that it takes a village when developing something so special. We have the influence of our next generation at the helm of editorial, website management and production. I encourage those of you that practice in the diversity space to consider collecting and developing your thoughts for publishing; and have your work reviewed and approved by leaders in the space. Take the leap to become a part of a community of leaders that are committed to sharing their stories.

I would like to thank our review board for their efforts as this is a volunteer commitment of servant leadership. Their passion is what makes this work possible. Also thank you to the contributors for participating and putting in the time to do the work.

As we open the call for papers, know that we are here to support the development of future authors.

Pamela A. McElvane
Publisher & Author
Diversity Business Review


Dr. Deborah P. Ashton

Deborah P. Ashton, Ph.D, CDM

Chief Psychologist & Learning Officer
Diversity Learning Solutions
A P&L Brand Co.

Greetings to the Diversity Business Review Readers:

I hope DBR readers will find this issue and future issues worthy of being a desk reference for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) solutions; providing insights and DEI transferable best practices. DBR exists because of our authors, our reviewers and our readers. 

DBR’s contributors, reviewers and editorial staff worked diligently and professionally to ensure a scholarly, practical guide for DEI practitioners, executives, line management and human resources. 

I would like to thank Pam McElvane, CEO & Publisher of the DBR and the Diversity MBA Magazine for her vision of publishing a Diversity Business Review written by DEI practitioners and reviewed by doctoral reviewers. Many thanks to the contributors and special thanks to the Vice Chair, Patricia Arredondo, Ed.D., President, Arredondo Advisory Group, and the reviewers, who dedicated their time and expertise. The reviewers are, in alphabetical order: Charlotte Ashton, M.A., PhD, Head of Social & Cultural Consultation, Diversity MBA; Andrea E. Evans, PhD., Director, Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies and Tenured Professor, College of Education, Northeastern Illinois; Belinda Hartnett, PhD, PMP, Retired Major US Air Force, Sr. Program Manager/Analyst at Flatter Inc.; Linda Liang, PhD, President of Organizational Resources; Rodney Lowman, PhD, ABPP, ACC, Distinguished Professor Emeritus; Past Dean and Past Program Director, Organizational Psychology Programs, CSPP, Fellow of the APA; and Kathryn Welds, PhD, ABPP, ACC, Sr. Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Kaiser Permanente.

Thank you for joining us, as we embark on the next stage of diversity, equity and inclusion with DEI aligned with business strategy. May all organizations reach the integration stage of inclusion; being world-class culturally inclusive organizations; having their customers as their primary focus; and valuing their human capital and their communities.